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Enterprise iFax

Introducing our brand new faxing solution that offers the same reliability as iFax.Pro, with these added benefits:
Ability to have multiple user logins to for one fax number.
Admins have access to the complete history of their users faxing.
Appoint one or more company Admins that can create users and designate which accesses their users will have.
Add unlimited email addresses to send and receive faxes from.
Ability to have more than one fax number in your Company account.
Attach unlimited amount of documents to send in the Enterprise iFax.Pro portal.

Here's the difference

The difference between iFax.Pro and Enterprise iFax is the benefit of being able to create a group using Enterprise and have multiple users. 

If you only have one user that would want to utilize our iFax services, go to our page about iFax.Pro by clicking the button below.
Here's How to Use Enterprise iFax.Pro:
Step-by-step Instructions:
1. To be able to utilize our iFax Enterprise service and create a login, you must first go into your customer user portal and create a user following the steps blow.
 - Click "Services" at the top, then "iFax" and then click " Enterprise"
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2. To create a group, go to "Groups", then "Create new Group"
 - Enter Group Short name
 - Enter Group Long name
 - Click "Create" when done.
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3. Next click "Users", then "Create User"
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4. Enter the username, password, first/last name, and email.
 - Now add the user to the group you have created. Then select if you want this user to be group admin or not
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5. Now you're going to want to order an iFax DID. Click "Order DID" and then click "Local iFax DID"
 - Select the state and Rate Center (city) and then select which DID you would like to use.
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6. Add a note (optional)
 - You must first select "iFax DID Only" from the account options. Click "Create".
 - Go back into the DID by clicking "Edit" on the far right. Change the account option to "Fully Functional iFax Account"
 - Then you can select a "Fax Group"
 - Click "Save" when done.
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7. Click "Permissions", then click "Add Permission"
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8. Choose your group, which user, and what number from that user.
 - Then, choose whether or not they're allowed to send, delete, view inbound, or view outbound faxes.
 - Click "Add" when done.
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9. Login to your iFax.Pro account and once you're in, you'll automatically be brought to this screen below.
 - You're going to click the menu button at the top " Configuration" and then click "Authorized Emails" to be able to add a Notification Email.
 - Click the button in the top right corner, "Add Authorized Email" or click the drop down arrow and select "Add Multiple"
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10. If you selected to add only one email, enter the DID, enter the email address, and choose whether or not you would like this address to be able to receive and/or send, or just get a notification.
 - Click "Save" when done.
11. If you selected to add multiple emails, enter the DID, enter one email per line, then choose whether or not you'd like this address to be able to send and/or receive.
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12. Now, go to "Configuration" again, and click "Users". There you will be able to add as many users as you would like to this account.
 - Click the button in the top right corner "Create user"
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13. Enter a username, password, first/last name, and the email. You can also choose whether or not this is a company admin.
 - Click "Submit" when done.
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14. Now that you've created the permission for your user in the customer portal, you can add a user permission in your enterprise account.
 - Go to "Configuration" at the top and click " Users Permissions"
 - Click the "Add User Permission" button in the top right corner
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15. Select the user, DID Number, and select whether or not they can view inbound faxes, view outbound faxes, and send or delete faxes.
 - Click "Save" when done.
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16. Click "Send a Fax" at the top of the screen. You're going to click the button "Add Files" and then find the file you want to add. 
 - Select the DID, put in the "Destination Number", the "Notification Email", and if you want to add a cover or not.
 - Proceed to click "Save"when you're done.
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17. Confirm you have attached the correct file you would like to send by previewing the PDF, along with all of the other information included.
 - Click "Send" when ready. (Large faxes take longer to send)
 - You will notice that the Status says sending, but in order to see if it has sent, you must reload the page.
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Here is how to send an email-to-fax:
1. To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Email-to-Fax supports up to 5 attachments.
      -Attachments may be sent in JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel & Plain Text formats.
2. To:
3. From:
4. Subject: your_10_digits_vfax_number
     -{You may now add 'cover page' to the subject line to have our system utilize the email body as a cover page)
5. Body:
     -Upon submission our system will reply with a confirmation or rejection notice.
Please contact QuestBlue today if you are unsure which faxing solution will best fit your needs.