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Voice & Text on a
Multi-Capable API
Cloud based solutions that scale to all businesses and enterprises.
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Better quality. Better rates. Easy to manage.
 Saving you time and money by simplifying communications.
Simply pay for what you use with no commitments. Rates starting at $0.009/minute. 
Local and toll free DIDs starting at $0.50/month. Volume accounts eligible for discounts!
We offer full support of E911 and CNAM for all of our DIDs to get your system up and running.
Our API allows total control over your account. Seamless integration into your system.
Why Choose QuestBlue?
Grow your business without a volume commitment. Use our white label QuBe PBX and simplify your daily routine.

Easily deploy custom, high quality services across any size footprint. Adding more locations as your company grows is very simple. 
Great services

QuestBlue offers tiered pricing, compatible SIP endpoints, protection from fraud, and services delivered via our high availability data centers.


A robust PBX that you can download and install on your own hardware or host it in our cloud. You can remove our branding and replace it with your own!

Here is what you get

QuestBlue allows you to have unlimited channels while giving you the power to manage your entire operation in real-time. You'll be routing calls in no time!

API difference

Every service we offer is part of our worldwide network! Instant provisioning of every service is available to you with the ability to scale to your requirements.

Learn How to Download 
QuBe PBX... for FREE!
When using your QuBe PBX with QuestBlue, you can easily be up and running in minutes. From your easy-to-navigate user portal, you can order all communication services in real-time: DIDs, SIP Trunks, 911 services, and you can manage refill options to keep your account going. In just a couple clicks and a few seconds you will have a working phone number pointing to your PBX.

*Registration is required to download software
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Start Chatting Now with our SMS Services
Did you know that you could qualify for FREE SMS services? All you have to do is utilize our DID inventory for your voice conversational traffic... it's as simple as that.

So what are you waiting for? Start chatting today!
Ready to Start Building a Better Future?
Why wait? Request a demo to see if QuestBlue is the right fit for you! We want to make sure you like what you're seeing, and hearing, before jumping into anything. So don't wait for the perfect time to grow your business, start today!
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Struggling to understand the meaning of some tricky telecom words? Here at QuestBlue, we know it can be tough to remember every single one. 

Download our e-Book today, and you'll never feel lost in this industry again!

Also, learn how new customers can earn account credits when they download our e-Book.
We are CPNI and GDPR compliant!
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