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After reading this, you will want to have an API in your business
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You have the possibility of having a new service channel in your business using API’s. Read more to know how.
We are in the era of the economy, where APIs are considered a valuable product for companies. They have the power to change the environment of an organization thanks to its configuration that promotes spaces for innovation, collaboration and sometimes, customer service. 

Most companies have computer systems such as intranet, CRM, among others, however most of the time these systems do not connect to each other or work independently. In addition, they do not deliver unified results that serve to make more coherent decisions. Organizations that fail to solve this may be affected in the environment, losing participation.

But how can this be solved? It is important that companies implement strategies to reduce dependence on external software, so it is necessary to develop custom APIs that can be adapted to the needs of the business. This encourages internal flexibility as well as establishes new means to connect with your stakeholders through apps, websites and various marketing scenarios. 

APIs become a new orderly and dynamic channel, but it is not necessary to start from scratch. The cost of incorporating an external API into a platform is always lower than developing it from the beginning, which in turn avoids reprocessing.

For this reason, API strategies can provide new business branches for companies by optimizing existing products and delivering high quality data to implement improvement strategies. Without an API strategy, you could be losing important data for your company.
Stephanie Plante
August 13, 2019