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Add multiple users to your single sign-on user portal
As the administrator of your user portal, you can now give access to as many users as you'd like to add. You can set restrictions for them as well and remove a user at any time.
In our user portal, use one login and perform all telecom services 
  • Instantly add a new phone number and make calls with the click of a button

  • Unlimited free support from local engineers

  • Extremely fast and user friendly

  • Fully automated allowing you full control

  • Allow access to multiple users using one login

    Instant SIP Trunks

    Add SIP trunks to your account and begin routing calls within seconds

    Advanced user options

    Advanced users can integrate our user portal features into their own code with our API

    Set your own limits

    Whether you prefer to manually reload or want to set it and forget it on auto, you have the choice!

    Virtual faxing

    Add and maintain virtual faxing services all within the user portal


    Add and maintain all messaging services with the same login in the user portal.


    Easily sort, view, and download all of your records with the same login for all functions.

    Here is a basic walk through of your customer user portal:
    We support you, and our user portal 100% of the time.
    We understand the frustrations that can come with a complex portal, so we wanted to help out and give you a user friendly portal that gives you control over all services.

    Our customer portal allows you access to all functions using one simple login. The portal is 100% automated, allowing you to perform any administrative task for your account. Add SIP trunks in real time, including telephone number porting, DID ordering, and submit support tickets to our highly trained engineers. 

    Our portal also provides a fully automated API to integrate your applications, website, or portal. You can use all the capabilities that our portal offers in order to provide more products and services to your end-users.
    • Easily control your auto refill or disable it to control manually.