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1947 Evans Road Cary, NC 27513 +1 (919) 443-1617
Outbound Local, Toll Free, International & SMS
Outbound / Termination
Termination/Outbound Calling
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QuestBlue provides high quality VoIP Termination to the public switched telephone network, mobile networks and vSAT networks.

Our on-net footprint and peering agreements with CLECs & RBOCs along with our purchasing power allows for the termination your calls at very competitive rates. This especially helps call centers, large enterprise, managed service providers (MSPs) and direct end users.

Connected to over 90% of the worlds economy.

Connecting you to billions

of routes at the most 

affordable rate.

Our Awesome Features:
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Incredible value
Public access to our multi homed HA-SBCs
Termination of local, and international calls.- QBLOGIC Routing and direct carrier peering
QBLOGIC Routing and direct carrier peering
Best in class customer support
Ability to bind local numbers for outbound dialing, producing a 4X higher answer rate with marketing campaigns
Support for TLS
Flexible pricing models
Termination of VoIP originated calls to PSTN, Cellular & vSAT