QuestBlue saves you time and money by simplifying everything for your convenience. To add on to the awesomeness, you only need one login to use all of our telecom services. We also offer hands-on support at no cost to you. So give us a call today to see why QuestBlue is the better alternative.

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Origination and Termination at your fingertips


Origination with QuestBlue will allow you to have full control of your telephone numbers.

The DID Dashboard is where your telephone numbers will be listed and routed to trunks. 

With the click of a button, add services such as inbound caller name (CNAM), update outbound line information database (LIDB), emergency e911 services and much more.

Easily port your numbers into QuestBlue without the fear of a contractual agreement and gain access to our footprint with 92% of the worlds rate centers covered.

Origination Porting

In addition to porting you can instantly order and provision new telephone numbers in the user portal or via API to your back end application.


If you have any questions about origination from enterprise applications to end user configurations please don't hesitate to ask.


+1 877 686 4787 in the US

+44 20 3808 1020 in the UK


QuestBlue provides high quality communications termination to the public switched telephone network, mobile networks and vSAT networks.


Our on-net footprint and peering agreements with CLECs & RBOCs along with our purchasing power allows for the termination your calls at very competitive rates. This especially helps call centers, large enterprise, managed service providers (MSPs) and direct end users.

Connected to over 90% of the worlds economy.

Connecting you to billions of routes at the most affordable rate.


Incredible value

Flexible pricing models

Termination of local and international calls

Public access to our multi-homed HA-SBCs

Support for TLS

Able to bind local numbers for outbound dialing

Termination calls to PSTN, Cellular & vSAT

QBLGIC Routing and direct carrier peering

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