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The QuBePBX Difference
When using your QuBe PBX with QuestBlue, you can easily be up and running in minutes. From your easy-to-navigate user portal, you can order all communication services in real-time: DIDs (telephone numbers), SIP Trunks, 911 services, and you can manage refill options to keep your account going. In just a couple clicks and a few seconds you will have a working phone number pointing to your PBX. 

Registration is required to download software. Watch our introduction video to learn more!
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Register and Download
You can register for a dedicated QuBe PBX account with QuestBlue to have access to our QuBe PBX! With this account you'll be able to download our PBX even if you don't use QuestBlue services for your other telecommunications needs. If you're already a QuestBlue user portal customer, you already have this available in your portal and no additional registration is needed.
Upgrade Today
As a QuBe user, you are welcome at any time to upgrade your account to a purchasing account and use QuestBlue's exceptional service, low rates, and high quality features. Upgrading is easy and quick! 
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Free Asterisk PBX GUI
Providing you the ability to add an 
enterprise phone system to your business.
  • Built to support the ever growing worldwide community of QuestBlue users

  • We easily add features at no cost when it will benefit the majority

  • No commercial modules to purchase

  • Paid support not required

  • Host it in our cloud or on your own hardware

  • Administrative updates at the press of button

  • Fully supported real-time asterisk

  • Fast robust GUI built on Python

  • Easy to use firewall for your protection

  • SIP TLS ready with built in *.crt creator