QuestBlue saves you time and money by simplifying everything for your convenience. To add on to the awesomeness, you only need one login to use all of our telecom services. We also offer hands-on support at no cost to you. So give us a call today to see why QuestBlue is the better alternative.

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Rates and Pricing

QuestBlue's wholesale voice rates and prices are unbeatable and unmatched. We can adjust to your volume and make sure you're getting the rates you deserve!

Pay-Per-Minute Rates


Inbound Calling


Outbound Calling


Toll-Free Usage


CCRF Rate *based on recovery of USF taxes and fees

International Destinations

Monthly Charges


SIP Trunk


USA Local and Toll-Free DID


iFax.Pro DID


iFax.Pro Enterprise DID

$9.95 plus $0.01/min



QuBe PBX offered as SaaS

*Dedicated servers are $139/month


QuBe PBX offered as SaaS (physical server)


Directory Listing


*Direct listing also comes with a one-time $5.00 setup fee

On-Network e-911

*All outbound services to 911 require a mandatory 911 address registration. You must send a properly formatted outbound Caller ID for the 911 call to be processed correctly to avoid a $100 non-refundable fee


Off-Network e-911 

*This service is for our customers who do not have a particular DID with QuestBlue and would like to be able to route emergency calls to the local PSAP

QuestBlue has either virtual servers or physical servers to rent if you do not want to maintain your own PBX onsite.  There is no requirement to use our hosted servers.  Our SIP Trunks are available worldwide.


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