• Andrew Bierl

The Importance of the Phone in a Pandemic

They say the world has come to a grinding halt.

The reality is that the world has not misses a spin. It is us, the human race that has halted our routine. Our meandering existence on the planet has come to an unexpected stop. Every day and most mundane of the habits have been disrupted. From the chats by the water-cooler in the office, going to school to the night out with friends. Going grocery shopping today seems part of a movie that you would normally see released on Halloween.

The fact is the work and our daily lives are changing and transforming in ways that we do not yet fully comprehend. Today is different from yesterday and tomorrow may be different as well. However, most experts agree some of the changes are here to stay. Take the work from home, for instance, COVID-19 only accelerated the trend of work from home arrangements.

Right after Canada started tightening the borders and other operations, QuestBlue saw customers support calls spike over 200% as the businesses of all levels scrambled and shifted to support or expand work from home arrangements. QuestBlue has since reported that support calls are returning to normal levels as the businesses have completed the transition.

It is clear that the home phone and office phone are proving to be an essential part of the new reality. A vital communication tool in the social distancing era.

There is a grand prevalence of the digital phone over other means of communication, particularly those mobile. Though, COVID-19 has acted as the invisible judge that dictates needs and suitable tools. Businesses and governments at all levels need phones to maintain a point of contact with their customers, that will not change. The reality is that call centers or dedicated offices to it may never look the same. Did it ever matter where a customer support representative is located? If in a busy office setting with hundreds of other voices piggybacking on every conversation or in a quiet at home office? It seems like an easy choice.

Homes are better suited to ride out a prolonged period of isolation if they have a VoIP home phone. Put any cost consideration aside, using a digital home phone is a lot more convenient for talking. Also, take into consideration that a digital phone is not internet bandwidth-hungry like some Apps are.

Sure one can still use the mobile phone to do FaceTime or WhatsApp video. Though those are not meant to be extended conversations. The truth is the battery may decide for how long the video-chat lasts. Not to mention video quality may vary. Plus adding extra strain on overstretched wireless networks. Which in the present times we are living in, we can agree do not need to add sources for frustrations. However, the good news of all this, we have the solution for that.

Facilitating conversations is what the VoIP phone is suited for, and based on the data, people have been taking notice.

Stay safe and healthy!

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