• Andrew Bierl

6 Tech Predictions for 2020

2020 looks to be an exciting year for the technology industry with new developments that are set to continue onward through the course of the next few years.

From printable organs to the “internet of everywhere”, here are our predictions for 2020.

The ‘humanized’ internet

The growth of modern-day connectivity is often reviewed as: the internet – the world wide web – mobile devices – big data/the cloud – the internet of things. For the next stage, it seems certain that even more personalization will be an important element.

What we refer to as the internet of things will be central. However, more than simply connecting humans with devices, the next stage in connectivity will involve “humanized” interfaces that always evolve to comprehend the user’s patterns and needs and, in a sense, self-optimize.

Fewer fancy phones, more fulfillment

The world many of us live in is moving at an exciting pace. Advances are creating new gadgets, more useful services and better opportunities. But many of these changes target a small percentage of the globe’s population. There is huge room for entrepreneurs to change inventions meant for the wealthy to serve the world’s poor.

Solar panels and LED lights, intended for rich nations, are encouraging expansion in industrial off-grid electrification in India and Africa. Mobile telecommunication is being used to enable economic presence in growing countries around the world.

Cheaper, more widespread solar power

By 2020, solar technologies could account for a considerable percentage of global power production, helping economies and businesses protect against rising energy costs and the influence of climate change. However, finding opportunities to help lessen the cost of solar technologies will be crucial to revealing this potential. Since polysilicon, the main raw material used by solar module companies, is the single largest cost in the solar supply chain, it embodies the most considerable opportunity for cost decrease.

Over the next several years, new lower-cost methods of polysilicon creation will commercialize, offering the solar industry with a more inexpensive source of raw material. In turn, these cost enhancements will filter through the solar supply chain, speeding up the implementation of solar energy around the world and aiding the industry to recognize its global ability.

Internet of things no longer about things

Almost every business will become an internet of things (IoT) business. The merging of the digital and physical worlds makes this unavoidable. When the products companies sell are connected 24/7/365, dynamic and ever-increasing value can be distributed to customers through the product’s life cycle. Therefore, introducing a thriving IoT business needs a major shift, a change from product-centric to service-centric business models.

Companies looking to take advantage of IoT will become IoT service businesses. Operations reliant on one-time product sales will become outdated as business value moves from products to the experiences they support. This change will basically alter how businesses manage, interact with customers and make money.

Printable organs

Today, we are already at a defining moment in our ability to 3D “bio print” organ tissues, a procedure that requires putting a “bio-ink” made of cells exactly in layers, resulting in a useful living human tissue for use in the lab. These tissues should be better prophets of drug function than animal models in many cases.

In the long-term, this has the potential to lead the way to “printing” human organs, such as kidneys, livers and hearts.

The ‘internet of everywhere’

We are on the brink of the “internet of everywhere”. It will be far more democratic: available to everyone, rich and poor. The thrill of the internet of things will be a small footnote in history as the internet of everywhere becomes our reality.

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