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How to Migrate From Fusion VoIP During Bankruptcy Filing
Are you concerned about losing your phone numbers during the bankruptcy of your VoIP vendor? We can help!
Here's how to start:
  1. Fill out the form below to work with a dedicated representative. They will help you port in all your numbers for free to our network without the risk of losing your numbers.
  2. Have us qualify and verify your current DID list to be sure all numbers are portable in advance.
  3. What do I need to port my entire number database?
  • A CSV file of your phone number list or screen capture of the list (if it is a small list)
  • The contact name on the account along with billing address and phone number.
  • Begin with a phone call to our sales and porting department to be organized.

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Our entire team is dedicated to the protection of your numbers when other providers discontinue operations for any reason. Some very important items to consider:
  1. Disconnected numbers cannot be ported. Be alert and on time with your porting requests.
  2. We have a 24-hour access portal designed to let you test, provision, create SIP trunks, order DIDs, port numbers, and/or assign routing all in one very easy to use portal.
If you would like a training of our user portal, please contact us for a courtesy review of "how to navigate our portal". Although it is quite simple, sometimes a quick review will help with removing the stress of changing providers.

Currently with the recent filings of select providers, our LNP team has streamlined the process to migrate your services. We have dedicated personnel available to see you all the way from start to finish. Act now, make sure all your numbers remain working.