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Satellites will be making their way to the Arctic by 2020
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Fiber-like connectivity will be available across the entire Arctic from 2020 thanks to a network of low-orbit satellites.

Even though many satellite providers have announced expansions into the Arctic, OneWeb claims to be "the only one capable of providing true high-speed, low-latency internet, at far lower costs than existing suppliers and before any other planned systems."

OneWeb's satellites deliver 375 GBps of capacity to every country above the 60th parallel North. 48 percent of the Arctic has some connectivity, however, OneWeb is promising 24-hour connectivity across the remaining 52 percent.

Millions across the Arctic will be connected by 2020, and for many, this will be the first time. Thousands of homes, planes, and boats will receive high-speed and low-latency connectivity thanks to these satellites.

“Connectivity is critical in our modern economy,” said U.S. Senator for Alaska Lisa Murkowski. “As the Arctic opens, ensuring the people of the Arctic have access to affordable and reliable broadband will make development safer, more sustainable and create new opportunities for the next generation leading in this dynamic region of the globe.”

OneWeb's satellite network is worth $3.2 billion and is considered extremely important to delivering smart cities, independent transport, and more in a part of the world where those innovations would have once been considered impractical.

“Connectivity is now an essential utility and a basic human right," comments Adrian Steckel, CEO of OneWeb. "Our constellation will offer universal high-speed Arctic coverage sooner than any other proposed system meeting the need for widespread connectivity across the Arctic.”

The first six satellites OneWeb sent out have been able to achieve under 40 milliseconds latency. In a presentation last month, the satellites were shown streaming HD video.
Considerable connectivity in the Arctic will start towards the end of 2020, with full 24-hour coverage being provided by early 2021. OneWeb is already active in Norway and Alaska.
Stephanie Plante
November 4, 2019