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E-911 and 933 Testing

Connect your phone numbers to e911 with fast, accurate emergency routing powered by QuestBlue's e911 access services and RESTful API.

QuestBlue has implemented a text to speech system for E-911 verification.

In order to test e911, do NOT dial 911 from your phone. Please create a route to QuestBlue for 933.

Step 1

Navigate to your DID Dashboard, locate the DID you wish to activate e911 services on by selecting 'EDIT'

Step 2

In the 'EDIT' view of the DID you will see the e911 status of the DID. Activate it and confirm the address is correct. 'SAVE'

Step 3

Next, in your PBX, prepare an Outbound Route for 911 and 933 and be sure to route it to your SIP Trunk.

Step 4

Confirm the outbound caller ID of the Extension or PBX global rule is set for the Caller ID matching the DID you activated 911 services for.

See our Documentation on E-911 using the button below

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