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Utilize QuestBlue's services whenever you need to ensure the growth of your business.

While QuestBlue's user portal is powerful and convenient to use, there are times where you might like to call upon our services through your own technology.

That's where our API comes in. Using it, you can develop your own personal solution to create, retrieve, modify, and delete VOIP services. This includes DID routing (Local and Toll Free), CNAM service, e911 service and SIP accounts.

Using our API, you can accomplish any of these tasks through an XML call, with a subsequent XML response.

The Backbone and Freedom You Deserve

To any business, automating your day-to-day operations is critical to growth. Being able to address your customers' needs 24/7 is necessary for success, especially in today’s society. QuestBlue enables you to build your own online presence as a vendor by using our services. Anything you do in the customer portal, you can do in the API.

Need Help?

Can’t find what you need? Open a ticket in your user portal and we can work with you to get it added to the API. Our priority is providing you the tools you need to grow as a provider.

You Asked, We Delivered.

Our API helps you to create that availability and automation for your customers by providing the infrastructure you need. The API enables you to integrate QuestBlue's services into your business model as needed. Want to order numbers at any time, be able to backup your customers’ numbers, and create your own faxing platform? We’ve got your back.

API v1 Documentation
How to get started with the API
  1. Send a request for the API key through the user portal

  2. Upon approval (you will receive an email notification), copy your private access key into the API request page

  3. Download the API files and included example and unzip it

  4. Open with your desired text editor and configure it with your login, password and private access key

  5. Set connection type - either cURL or socket, depending on your server configuration (cURL is the default)

  6. Open index.php to see the available API options

  7. Upload the API files onto your server (which runs on the IP address specified when you requested access to the API key)

  8. Enjoy!