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API command for developers
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Manage Other Virtual Servers
Some customers will require other PBX software. This section outlines ordering and managing access to these servers.
To add a new server you will use the serverAdd() function that takes two parameters:
    type:"dedicated" or "virtual"
    note(string): a note about the server

You can list your ordered virtual servers by type with the serverList() function. It takes a single parameter: type ("virtual or "dedicated")

To add allowed IPs to the PBX use the serverIpAdd() function which takes two parameters:
    id: the number assigned to the server, can be found using serverList()
    IP_address: the IP you wish to add to the firewall

serverIpRemove() will remove an allowed Ip from the PBX. It functions and takes the same parameters as serverIpAdd().

To see all Ips that are allowed to access the PBX, use serverIpList(). This takes one parameter: ID.

To remove a server, use serverRemove(). The only parameter is the ID.

$api = new QBapi();
$result = $api->serverAdd("virtual","note");
$result = $api->serverList("virtual");
$result = $api->serverIpAdd("835","XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX");
$result = $api->serverIpList("835");
$result = $api->serverIpRemove("835","XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX");
$result = $api->serverRemove("835");
echo '<pre>';