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It’s Not Rocket Science: 4 Ways to Apply VoIP in the Education Sector
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The education sector must have enough tools to facilitate communication and promote collaborative work not only among students and teachers, but also between financial, administrative and rectory departments. In this way, productivity is improved, and knowledge management is made easier.

How to apply VoIP in the education sector?

Just imagine how many telephone extensions an educational institution should have. For instance, how many applicants want to contact the admissions department? How to guarantee total coverage in communications? Luckily, these types of systems are designed to mitigate these and many more needs. Here we present 4 benefits of the VoIP system in the market:

  • Costs based on utilization: No costs are incurred by extension, so you can count on a high volume of extensions, perfect for internal communication and a few calls for administrative staff.
  • Bridges: Connection between multiple systems or locations to have free calls to each other and at the same time display the status of extensions in other geographical locations such as: Busy, Available, In class, etc. 
  • For mobility purposes a user is not limited to a single device, but travels with the person based on settings. This can be done through a desk phone, a mobile client or a laptop / PC.
  • Time-based routing: Schools must deal with multiple breaks, between hours and holidays. Through time-based routing, it is possible to specify what should happen with a call when it arrives. 

These are just some of the benefits that this system can offer to this market. Technology advances every day, that is why we need to understand the importance of the role it plays in building a society more apt to take advantage of each development.
Stephanie Plante
October 14, 2019