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You can keep your existing telephone number!
At QuestBlue, we strive to be the best in the porting industry. We have a dedicated team that will work diligently on your LNP requests to make sure we are moving forward on a daily basis. We have set up an innovative process that makes porting smooth from start to finish. Our LNP Department runs a bit differently from others, providing a unique, hands-on experience with port requests. If any issues arise from the losing carrier, our  team is available to assist. 
Have you been looking to change service providers but don't want to get hit with huge porting fees?
Project Ports with QuestBlue provide a solution with free or reduced porting costs of domestic and toll-free numbers. Qualify with as little as 10 DIDs. Our team of LNP experts will help you decide the best way to port your numbers into the QuestBlue footprint with no down-time.
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Want to sell to more places outside of the U.S.?
We have recently expanded our DID footprint to become one of the largest origination providers in the world. This expanded coverage will help you sell to more people in more places. Some country restrictions apply for certain regions. Qualifications of a local address and proof may be required for some countries outside the USA.

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