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GDPR Compliance is on your side

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now here most people know by now, GDPR is a global data protection law passed by the European Union that shifts the ownership of customer data from the organizations that use it to the individual customer.  This new regulation not only applies to European businesses that work with the customer data of EU citizens -- it applies to any entities that work with said businesses as well, thus making GDPR a global data protection law.  The collection of data by QuestBlue systems when you visit our public website will consist of geographic information as to your general country or region, inbound information on how you arrived at QuestBlue Systems.  No personal identifiable information is collected during your visit and it remains in the general category of "how did you arrive at QuestBlue Systems".  Our proprietary customer user portals will collect personal information to maintain your account status.  This includes your billing information and any and all information required by law to maintain your account and be in compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations.  QuestBlue Systems, never sells or distributes any information collected during your visit to a third party.

For more information about how we use information please contact our corporate office at +1 919 443 1617